Wilderness Adventures


July 15 - August 4, 2018
8 days
$3000 / person
$1500 / person
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Wilderness Adventures

Wilderness Adventures are our most thorough horseback riding adventures into the Canadian Rockies, where you will reach elevations above 7000 feet and enjoy magnificent views in every direction.

This pack trip will have you riding up to the West Range Cabins on your first day to spend the evening in our backcountry cabin accommodations. The next day you will be horseback riding the high country on Paradise Ridge. We will pack up the next morning and head for our back country tent camp at Moose Horn Lake nestled beneath the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains. You will be horseback riding the high mountain passes and view spectacular sights on Jasper National Parks north boundary.

West Range Cabins have three comfortable bunkhouse style sleeping cabins with a central dining lodge, where all home cooked meals are enjoyed together. These cabins are equipped with propane lights, heaters and there is a shower house for guests to enjoy a hot shower. The tent camp at Moose Horn Lake consists of large, dry sleeping tents, as well as a cook tent with a wood-burning stove. Horseback Adventures provides the horses for both packing and riding. Tom personally guides every trip and, along with our staff of guides, wranglers and cook, we strive to make your horseback adventure a pleasant, fun and enjoyable vacation experience.

The Wilderness Adventure is a horseback vacation for those who love the adventure of the outdoors and want the best of both worlds with both cabin and tent accommodations.

Trip details: 6 and 8 day trip available in 2018

8-day Trip

PRICE: $3000.00 plus 5% GST

July 15-22, 2018

$1500.00 per person deposit is required.

Wilderness Adventures 8 Day Itinerary

Day 1: After arriving at the ranch in Brule around 9 AM, introductions are made, necessary paper work is completed, and it is time to go. We pack up all the gear and food on the pack horses, you are set up on your saddle horse and we head north to West Range Cabins. We follow the Athabasca valley to Solomon Creek, then up Solomon Creek to the cabins. Arriving approx. 4:30 PM. You can move into your cabin, before dinner at 6 PM.

Day 2: We ride to the headwaters of the south fork of Solomon Creek, have our lunch viewing the waterfalls that cascade high on a rock outcropping. Return to the cabins at approx. 4 PM.

Day 3: We pack up all of the gear following the main Solomon creek, then over the pass (elevation is approx. 6500 feet) on a small drainage that leads us to camp and south fork of the Wild Hay River. Approx. 8 hours

Day 4 & 5: We have several options for riding including a ride to the upper end of Moosehorn Lakes on Jasper’s north boundary. Up to the headwaters of Solomon Creek, or through the Keyhole to Park Basin, Laura and Grindstone Passes. All of these trips take you above timberline and Jasper’s north boundary.

Day 6: Pack our gear and say goodbye to the Moosehorn tent camp and begin our ascent to the top of the pass. Follow the rugged trail back down to Solomon creek and return to the cabins, arriving at approx. 5 PM.

Day 7: After breakfast we start our ride to the top of Paradise Ridge. In 2 hours we gain 1200 vertical feet, reaching the ridge line and the fantastic views. We ride the ridge line for 5 km, the views changing along the way. Lunch on top gives you a dining room with a view. It’s very steep on the way down so we must dismount and lead our horses a short distance. Return to the cabins at approx. 4 PM.

Day 8: After breakfast we pack everything up and begin our ride back to civilization. We break for lunch on the way and arrive back at the ranch in Brule approx. 3 PM. Say goodbye to new friends and your trusty horse, and we hope to see you again on another Horseback Adventure.

6 Day Moosehorn Lakes Trip

PRICE$2250.00 plus 5% GST

August 3-8, 2018 

$1125.00 per person deposit is required.

6 Day Moosehorn Lakes Trip – Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the trail head on the Wild Hay River and the Rock Lake Road approx. 9am. All the gear, duffel bags, food, etc. is packed on the horses. We get you acquainted and mounted on your horse. After all necessary adjustments are made to ensure you are comfortable we will begin our ride with the packhorses leading the way. We ford the Wild Hay River and head south up the south fork of the Wild Hay. We stop for lunch after a couple of hours riding as the packhorses keep heading to camp. After lunch we mount up again and continue on to camp about 3 ½ hours. Upon arriving at camp, there will be refreshments and a snack waiting. You will be shown to your tent which will have a cot and foamy in it. Once settled in you will have a chance to get to know the other guests on the ride around out covered campfire before dinner at 6pm. After dinner you can explore the surroundings of camp with a short hike or relax enjoying the campfire.

Day 2: Coffee will be on at 7am and breakfast will be at 8:30am. You will be on your horses about 9:30am and heading for the Keyhole and Grindstone Pass that take us to the Jasper National Park Boundary with an elevation of 2000 meters. After spending the day in the high country we arrive back to the comforts of camp approx.4:30pm, Dinner at 6pm

Day 3: Today we will ride the opposite the Keyhole to the headwaters of Solomon Creek and the JNP boundary. A long steep climb takes us to a ridge line well above the 2000 meter mark, with views you will never forget. Lots of places to take a short hike up here or just sit and take in the beautiful views of Moose Horn, Solomon Creek valleys while enjoying your lunch.  You will have to walk and lead your horse down the steep section on your return to camp. Dinner at 6pm

Day 4: Depending on the weather we can ride to Cabin Pass which also leads to Solomon Creek, but give you a totally different view. This pass has a steep ascent and we must lead our horses back down here as well. We can also ride to the Moose Horn Lakes which lay nestled in the Rockies. You can try your rod in the water and enjoy your lunch on the shores of this beautiful spot. Dinner at 6pm

Day 5: We ride back through the Key Hole but ascend opposite Grindstone Pass to Park Basin. We are again along the Jasper Park Boundary above timberline high in the Rocky Mountains. Return to camp and dinner at 6pm

Day 6: Our last day. After breakfast at 8am, we pack all the gear again and return back down the south fork of the Wild Hay River to the trail head. Back to civilization after your brief holiday into The Mountains Beyond.

Good to know

Bring your sleeping bags and mattresses plus remember to pack your rain gear.

Cowboy boots or a shoe with a heel is best for riding so your foot doesn't slip through the stirrups.

Bring along your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy during evenings around the campfire.

Though our vacations are geared for all to enjoy. Guests should be in reasonable fitness, as some up and downhill walking is involved on some of the day rides.

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